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Whole Home Filtration Will Bring An End To Your Water Worries

WaterCare's line of filters has a variety of solutions to match your exact needs. Common water issues like foul smells, discolored particles, or low pH are no match for our line of proven filters. Reduce impurities in your water while keeping your well, plumbing system, and fixtures operating as they should!

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Ion Pro® Water Filters

Better for your home and the environment


The secret behind our Ion Pro filtration system is that we combine a unique air chamber with a specialized filtration media. The air chamber oxidizes dissolved contaminants while the media effectively filters problem particles from your water, without additional chemicals or salt.

  • Eliminates stains and odors caused by iron or sulfur
  • Economical and efficient, as it uses only the water necessary to maintain consistent pressure throughout your household
  • Environmentally friendly solution for clean, high-quality water - no chemicals or salt required, just air

Ion Pro Air Iron filters put an end to rust-colored, iron stains, improving the vibrancy of your laundry and preserving the life of your plumbing, fixtures, and appliances.

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